How to Start a WordPress Blog

Wordpress Blog BroHosting

WordPress Blog Setup Easily in Minutes

Installing a WordPress blog is very easy, simply follow the next steps and start blogging in minutes!

Probably you always wondered about creating your own website for your band, gallery for your paintings or eShop for your Store. If you are totally new to web design and development you can pay hundred of dollars for professional services or freelancers or you can just install WordPress Blog and make your own good-looking website in seconds. In the following Tutorial, we will show you how to install WordPress on BroHosting and configure it depending on your type of website.

  1. Register at BroHosting Client Area
  2. Choose Any Plan
  3. Choose a Domain
  4. Login to cPanel
  5. Install WordPress
  6. Configure

1. Register at BroHosting Client Area

If you do not have an account yet, you can simply make one through this link. Creating an account is very easy just fill out the required forms, read TOS and click to Register.

Register at BroHosting

2. Choose any Plan

You can choose between many plans that fit your needs. Just pick one at the Client Area (for more detailed info about the packages click here.)  Our recommendation for WordPress blog is the Awesome plan. It comes with free SSL (your website will be available through https://) and other extras that will boost your website to the maximum!

Choose a Plan

3. Choose a Domain

Choose a nice domain name for your website. We always recommend thinking before registering it. Because it will be your unique identification for your website and your brand. We can give you some very nice suggestions. Feel free to ask our support or just email to info [at]

For Personal Use, We Recommend Your Nickname

Do you plan to write about your daily tasks or other useful information? Would you like to share your makeup tips and your daily videos with some extra text?

For Bands, Artists, Song Writers,
We Recommend Your Band Name, Full Name + Hotwords

Having a band? Do you paint? Writing songs? This is a great idea to choose a unique address for your hobby and lifestyle. Do not afraid to use your full name or some hot words what you are doing. This will not just improve your SEO but it will help your visitors to easily remember your address.

4. Login to cPanel

In order to start the installation process, you will need to login into cPanel to meet with your god hand. This is where you create your FTP accounts, Managing Backups, Editing DNS, Configuring Cron Jobs and etc, but for now we will just simply Install WordPress.

Login to cPanel

4.1. Select WordPress on Softaculous Auto Installer Section

In order to install anything, you have to select the software you want to setup. Since we want WordPress, simply click the right icon as the screenshot show.

Wordpress Softacolous

5. Install WordPress

5.1 Click on the blue Install tab and fill out the required forms depending on your needs. Since we providing FREE SSL it’s always a good idea to select HTTPS protocol.

5.2 Set your website a nice name. Example your band or gallery name.
5.3 Set a short but nice description that tells you more about your website.

5.4 Pick up your login details. Choose a strong password!

5.5 Choose your website language is necessary.

5.6 Click to Install

6. Configure

Welcome onboard! Your blog is almost ready! It’s time to set up your new website!

After you login you should see something like this.

Wordpress Blog BroHosting


6.1  Go to Appearance -> Themes

Click to Add New at the top and this will give you access to the free database where you can select from hundreds of themes. Put your hot word into the search (music, gallery, personal, songs, writer) and choose one that you like.

6.2 Setup WordPress Theme Options (Different for each theme)

6.3 Install some plugins that we recommend for any websites



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